What you feel is how your life is.

How often do you wonder about your state? Do you take responsibility for how you feel? Do you react or choose your response to what is happening around?

Too often I find myself reacting rather than responding.

Isn’t it one and the same? Not really… Reaction is usually acting in relation to something else. Something triggers us and our unconsciousness already knows which pattern to choose, what we are used to doing in this kind of situation. Let me give you an example. It’s a beautiful, sunny Saturday. I drive my car to visit a friend. Somebody cuts me off causing a dangerous situation. Luckily, I react rapidly and slam on breaks. Just in time! Uff… A few more seconds of stress, breathing heavily, looking around nervously, checking for danger… and the whole situation dissolves. My point here is that the situation is what it is. All events are neutral. We have the power of choice how we respond to them. In this case I could scream, horn at the driver, get out of the car or pull my hair out. Would it help or add stress to the event? On the other hand, I can choose to do my best and manage stressful situation without unnecessary emotional reaction and once it’s over – let it go. Feel what you’re feeling. Notice it. Accept. And keep living in the moment. So often we prolong the moment: talking about it, thinking about it, complaining about it… Even though it is not happening anymore, it keeps happening in the head! We relive memories. And unfortunately usually those memories with strong emotional imprint are the negative ones. ‘He did this to me.’ ‘Why this keeps happening to me?’ ‘What is wrong with people?’. Often they also relate to the outer world blaming for situations we don’t desire.

Ask yourself a question about the memory with high emotional intensity: Do I want it to keep happening to me? Do I want it to occupy my mind rather than taking in the next moment? …Think for a second. Is it real for you right now? Is it 100% true? Is it valid or relevant to what is actually happening now?

Maybe you are ready to let it go and create new memories, new moments, new thoughts. Choose actions and beliefs, which are more beneficial to you, which you have more awareness of and which support you! Make a decision. Creation of reality starts in your mind. You are beautiful and powerful!

All emotions are good and purposeful. However, for the intend of this exercise, let’s divide them into wanted/pleasurable (called positive) and unwanted/not pleasurable (called negative) ones. Now, I would like you to think of your weekly feelings. Make a list of 5 positive and 5 negative emotions, which dominate in your daily life. [Yes, write them down. Power of pen and paper, or at least keyboard and notes.] Here are some examples:

Great! Look at your list and see how you feel with these emotions dominating your daily life. What thoughts come to your head? Are you happy with that? Would you like to alter the list? Now, create a new list with emotions you would like to feel. Imagine the life you desire; how you feel doing what you like doing, being who you truly are, surrounded by loving people and beautiful energies. How is your new list different to what you had been creating with your old patterns?

Everything is possible. You create your reality. It’s not easy to accept it at first; to take responsibility. However, once you take control over what is happening to you, you get the power back! You are in charge and able to create reality you desire. You change how you feel changing what you’re focused on. Focus on what you want and get it!

What will be your first little step towards living desired emotions? What is that you can do today to be closer to what you aspire?

Consider the patterns of what you say to yourself on daily basis. What phases do you speak often? Self talk is a massive part of our thinking. When added high emotional intensity, beliefs are created. Another post will develop the topic of beliefs and how to change them… And for now, go and focus on the life you want. Start creating <3

pic of lake Wanaka, New Zealand

with Love and Passion for Life,

Blond Surf

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