Yoga Video

Here I would like to give you some yoga videos to practice wherever you are.

Asana practice is about the movement. We don’t forget though about getting into the moment, breath work and relaxation too.

Have a look at what you feel like today and get on your mat.

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Spiritual Inspiration

Ceremonial Cacao Prep

This is a basic video of how I make my ceremonial cacao at home. It’s important where it comes from and how you make it. Have your intention and open Heart ready! 🙂

Word ‘Cacao’ comes from the Mayan ‘Ka’Kau’ meaning ‘Heart Blood’ and ‘Chokola’j’ meaning ‘to drink together’.

It’s also called ‘Food of the Gods’. It’s believed Cacao restores balance and connection to the Divine.

It has many health benefits. Cacao increases blood and oxygen flow, increases awareness and focus, energizes the body, induces the release of endorphins and dopamine, our feel-good hormones!

Yoga Online for Companies

Welcome to Yoga Online for Companies.

This service is dedicated for Corporate Companies, which look to better their employees’ performance and organization’s health adding a weekly Yoga Practice into their corporate schedule.

Stress and burnout, physical soreness and mental health issues are unfortunately more and more common these days. Especially for white collar workers, sitting by a desk long hours.

Here comes Blond Spirit Yoga Online! It has numerous benefits for both, individuals as well the the whole company itself: Better Focus, Increased Productiveness, Revitalization, Positive Life Energy, Physical Flexibility and Mental Health are only a few reasons to introduce yoga online at your workplace!

Please contact me for more details and get the full offer of Blond Surf Corporate Yoga: