Who am I?

My name is Magdalena Moszko.

I am a life coach, yoga and surf instructor passionate about healthy lifestyle, mindfulness and human relations. I am also the author of the ‘Blond Surf – Surfing for Beginners’ book!

I am here to share my knowledge and skills to inspire and perhaps guide you on your path. I help people to overcome their limits, expand comfort zones and reevaluate believes, which determine the quality of our lives. I work with body – mind connection and subconscious patterns through yoga, mindfulness, coaching, NLP and surfing.

NOW is the only moment that really exists, it is all we have. The more we pay attention to these little moments of time, more fully we live without worry or regret. We honor who we are today and understand everything happens not to us, but for us.

To Grow and to Love Life.

Many tiny drops make the vast ocean. Every single one matters. Start the change with yourself and the Universe will follow.


Author of the BLOND SURF

Learn how to surf in no time! Theory + Practice make a master!

My mission

I promote Yoga as philosophy of life. To fully live in the moment with every breath we take. Being aware of the body, mind and soul. To connect with the Universe, your higher self and each other.

I am because you are – Ubuntu. We are united and I am here for you, to be the part of your Journey. Life is calling, take the challenge and transform into the best version of yourself.


I work according to the philosophy of yoga trying to incorporate it in daily life.

It consists of 8 limbs:
Yamas - Moral disciplines,
Niyamas - Positive duties,
Asana - Poses,
Pranayama - Breathing techniques,
Pratyahara - Sense of withdrawal,
Dharana- Focused concentration,
Dhyana - Meditative absorption,
Samadhi - Bliss.
They are all equal and growth is multidimensional.


My vision is to empower individuals and inspire to positive change in their lives.
I aim to create community with growing consciousness. To gather people who care about their mental and psychical health, each other and the environment.

I encourage to live your passion and wear your dream. To find what you love and do it often!

To shine. To love. To support. To trust. To share. To be free. To blossom.


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