Beach Yoga - Hel, Poland

Summertime Yoga in Hel is few months long yoga workshops happening regularly on the north coast of Poland, peninsula called Hel. One of my favorite and very special places in Poland surrounded by wild nature for years.

We meet at least 3 times a week for various Yoga Practices, like Vinyasa Flow, Relaxing Yin and Stand Up Paddle Yoga.

All classes contain elements of meditation, practice of concentration and breath work.

Yoga will let you stop in time and feel the presence. You will pay attention to you, your own processes and needs. It’s finally you time!


Classes take place at least 3 times a week, systematically through whole summer season in Poland, from the 1st of May until the 1th of September!





YIN YOGA: 19.00  

SUPer YOGA: depending on weather

  • All gear and yoga mats are provided
  • All you need in comfy outfit
  • Paid in cash on the spot: 40 PLN
  • SUPer yoga’s cost: 80 PLN
  • Contact Paliki Surf office for more info: 602 833 224


‘Kite łączka’ next to ‘Paliki Surf School’ / ‘Kite Surf School’ at Chałupy 3 Camping

Having any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, calling:

Paliki Surf – 602 833 224

Magda – 573 463 347

or e-mail:

Paliki Surf –

Magda –