4 Elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water

I’m sure every one of you have heard about the 4 Elements at some point, right? We know they exist, surround us and have been with us, or before us, for thousands of years. However, do we know their meaning? Use them? Feel them? Notice them in our daily life? They influence our physicality, yes, but mostly – energy fields. Sacred ancient symbols are essential to and exist in all life. Outside and inside of you. It is all one anyways, isn’t it? This post is a reminder of 4 Elements in each of us, the reality we create outward. As everything in nature, we must balance inner Fire, Air, Earth and Water within.

Water balances Fire. Think of a situation when you felt nervous or atmosphere in a room just felt heavy. This is overloaded Fire energy. Water puts out the Fire. Not without a reason cold Water has anti-inflammatory properties. It is calming and healing. Who doesn’t enjoy a warm lavender bath or feel peaceful after quiet meditation session?

Air and Earth complete each other. Drifting with your head in the clouds won’t get you too far. Being materialistic or stubborn doesn’t sound great either. Try to find a Balance between flowing through life with openness and joy (Air) and at the same time staying grounded, hard working towards your goals (Earth).

Water and Earth are known are the ones going downward, related to the Gaia – Mother Earth. From Chinese teachings in Yin Yoga, they represent the Feminine side. On the other hand, Fire and Air are directed upward towards the sky, sun and starts. They are associated with the Masculine archetype, yang energy and the Father Sky.

Here is a little Cheat Sheet of 4 Elements:

Picture inspired by The Goddness Discovery Book written by Cassie Uhl

As I mentioned before, you are whole and complete. You already have these 4 Elements in you. Sometimes we just need to call them up. Everything starts with awareness. Hope this post will create space for you to pause for a moment and gaze inward. Leave the outer world on the side. Say Good Morning to yourself and smile. You might want to put a hand on your body and really feel what is present right now. How your body feels, how your mind feels… If there is anything disturbing you from Simply Being… See which Element stands out for you, calls you, shows to you. Is it Fire? Is it Air? Is it Earth? Or is it Water? Pause, stay, listen with your Heart. Only you know the answer. Or the answer knows you. Accept whatever you feel without judgement. It is what it is. Even if you don’t feel much, don’t worry. Clarity comes with practice. This is Yoga. Thank you for taking your time and spending it with yourself. It always brings rewards, right away and in the long run…

Here are also a few ideas on how to embody certain Elements you would like to call in.

Fire (transformation):

  • Wear red clothes or accessories
  • Dance, move, work, act
  • Light up a candle or fire
  • Burn incense or herbs
  • Hold Opal stone in your left hand

Air (breath):

  • Wear yellow clothes or accessories
  • Feel the wind breeze or a fan
  • Inhale smoke from incense or herbs
  • Play with birds and butterflies
  • Hold Citrine stone in your left hand

Earth (grounding):

  • Wear green clothes or accessories
  • Walk barefoot, feel the Earth
  • Touch trees, plants and flowers
  • Meditate in Nature
  • Hold Agate stone in your left hand

Water (purifying):

  • Wear blue clothes or accessories
  • Have a bath or shower
  • Swim or surf in the ocean
  • Drink more water and herbal teas
  • Hold Moonstone in your left hand

In Yoga we believe that these 4 Elements combined together create Life, but only with essential 5th Elements – the Life Force, called Prana or the Spirit. Pranic Energy is the Bridge between Body and Soul. Reconnecting to all Elements we understand Nature’s presence in us and our relationship with the Universe.

Picture inspired by Learn Religions written by Catherine Beyer


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