How you see the World, controls your Biology!

Big topics these days and my developing interests are neurology, bioenergetics and epigenetic. They are new areas of science and research. They might be full of controversy or abolish old beliefs we’ve been holding for years. However, new research inspires me and I love the idea of how much influence we do have on our bodies and lives. Definitely more than we realize!

It’s easy to blame external environment or unfavorable circumstances for setbacks. It’s way harder to take responsibility of what’s happening to us and around us. I believe we effect not only what’s obvious (through words, actions directly towards something or someone), but also what’s invisible – energetically. For instance, our intention creates attitude, which might not be clearly expressed, but it is still felt by a receiver. Has it ever happened to you to think of a person who suddenly called you? I bet I has. This is the power of the mind and the energy we are able to send out in the Universe, into the field and manifest.

Bruce Lipton Ph. D. is a stem cell scientist who bridges science and spirit. He beliefs conscious living improves quality of our life. One of the ways to connect body and mind is controlling our thoughts. This and many other practices concur to physical and mental health. With meditation and mindfulness we can focus the energy, Prana or Chi and use it for Healing.

I love breaking up the word dis-ease. It makes so much sense. Unfortunately diseases are not uncommon these days. What inspires me from Eastern Medicine is that it’s based on healthy living and preventing dis-ease. I find that Western Medicine focuses more on healing what’s already broken. I support more the idea of trying to stay at ease and taking care of our health when everything is right, not only once body or mind gives us signals of running low. We tend to notice things when they start to go wrong. It’s a beautiful skill not to let to this stage, but to maintain good health and daily practices keeping us in shape regardless.

‘If you were one of the healthy people and now you got sick, what would cause the problem?’

According to Bruce Lipton there are only 3 ways to mess up the signal:

  1. Trauma
  2. Toxins
  3. Thoughts

‘If you change your thoughts and change your mind, you can change the biology.’

‘And this, the mind, is the primary cause of illness on our planet today!’


Some might wrongly think that genes control our life and we have no power over it. Epigenetic proves otherwise! In fact, what you think, controls the signal given from the gene blueprint. Genes are passed through from parents on kids, but every single person is responsible themselves for controlling their own epigenetic code. This means that we are able to create and heal dis-eases in our bodies simply through changing our perception! If you believe to have it, you certainly will. If you convince yourself you are healthy, with certainty and genuine intention, your brain sends the signal to the neurosystem, which takes it for granted and acts like it was the truth.

Everyone heard of the placebo effect, right? ‘Statistics reveal that 1/3 of all medical healings, including surgery are the result of the placebo effect!’ On the other hand, negative thinking is called ‘nocebo effect’ and as you imagine, it also has significant influence on the health or lack of it. One of the big issues these days is stress. What is the function of it? It is to gather all accessible energy and use it to run and fight, at the same time shutting all unnecessary processes, like growth, reproduction and immune system. Simple conclusion is that having lots of stress in daily life gives viruses, germs and bacteria a chance to take over and make dis-eases in your body.

I highly recommend you to take 5 minutes out of your day to watch this amazing video of Bruce Lipton, which was my inspiration to write this post:

I hope this article has inspired you to take care of your own health, keep your daily practices like good nutrition, meditation, mindfulness, spend time in nature and with beloved once, as well as don’t forget to relax your body and mind. I encourage you to take responsibility and control over your own biology. At any time you can decide to live healthy, full of ease and happiness. Be grateful for little moments, which at the end make up our whole life.

with passion & love,

Blond Surf

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