Surfing and Environmental Issues

Surfers, swimmers, holiday makers, lucky ones living on the coast and all water lovers might have wondered on environments issues once…

This time I wanted to raise the subtle topic of water environment, rubbish issue and how we can implement sustainable living.

We are lucky these days to have grand access to information from all over the world. We have the technology and various solutions. What we might lack is time and motivation to act, often feeling we have no big influence on what’s happening with the world anyways.

Still, being the Earth community as all, we also have individual influence on things happening around. I know it might not change the world today, but I believe at least you will feel you’re making the difference within your abilities. It’s a good feeling. It’s about maturity. And it’s also taking the responsibility of how you’re living and doing your best to show up for yourself and others.

Wise person once said to me,

if I pass by rubbish or anything bothering me indifferently, not doing a thing,

it’s equal to accepting it. 

We all know this amazing Planet Earth depends on us. What I learnt from experienced surfers, is that surfing isn’t only about catching awesome waves. Surfer’s lifestyle should have positive impact on environment and it’s our duty to protect beaches and coast lines!

It’s always easier when we humans come together, motivate each other and get 1+1=3 synergy effect!

That’s how I see surf foundations and water or environment protecting organizations trying to raise awareness, find solutions for polluted soil and water and live sustainably, friendly with the environment.

I encourage you to have a look if there’s an environment protecting organization around where you’re living or to simply make your small – BIG DIFFERENCE today. 🙂

What can I do on daily basis?

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. It’s a short video showing the Surfrider Foundation making a difference around Long Island, US and raising awareness around the world!

Inspired by Ocean,

Blond Surf