Sneak Peak of what's in Blond Surf...

Blond Surf book is a revolutionary surf book for beginners. It’s written by a surf coach and a passionate surfer, including all the knowledge gained by years of practice and travel. The guidebook is based on Australian Surfing and their teachings passed year after year by some of the best surfers in the world. The Blond Surf is great for beginners and intermediates.

In the first chapter of the Blond Surf book you’ll find the levels of surfing and what differentiates them. Then you will be taken into the world’s travel to the top 15 surf spots around the globe. Do you know about the history of surfing? In the Blond Surf book, there are the most significant surf events from years back, so you always have a reminder of its beautiful background.


First things first, after some fun introduction, we must move to the Safety Chapter. Safety always comes first and there’s no joy when there’s injuries or accidents. This part of the book will help you feel confident and will point out ‘the musts’ every surfer should be aware of


Types of surfboards…

Wave anatomy…

Surf report…

Communication in the water…

Surf etiquette…

are just a few other musts, that will make you feel you understand the Ocean and what to expect there a little more.


Finally, we get to what everyone looks out for the most – practical exercises and tips! Now, that you have your basic background knowledge and you know what you ge yourself into ( 🙂 ), we might as well move to the movement. Body position, most effective ways to stand up, getting through the break, concept of riding the green waves are only a few things you’ll learn from this chapter of  the Blond Surf.


Here, we move to the add-ons. Planning your training is also important to use your time and swell effectively. Training outside of the water can be a great complement to the water practice. Yoga and animal movement are priceless for your mind’s health. In Physiology Chapter of the Blond Surf we look a little deeper at how our bodies work and how to take good care of them.


The last, but not least to make your knowledge complete, Blond Surf guidebook has a Chapter for the Young ones. There’s a great potential in our next generation. That’s why the book encourages parents to give their children a chance to feel the ocean vibe and get the surfing feeling! <3

To finish up, we go back to safety and a little reminder of the First Aid, CPR and Self Rescue, that I hope you never have to use in the water. Better safe than sorry though.


with love and passion,

Blond Surf