Why do we love hiking?

Isn’t it one of the best feelings when all tired and sweaty, maybe with a few blisters on your feet already, you finally get to the summit and have the moment of awe?

Some of us travel countries or continents… Just for this rush of chemicals making us feel so good? As my Grandpa would say, why going so far, if we have all we need at our doorstep? Well, yes, we have it all within, but… once you feel this state of bliss for a glimpse of second; you are in (adventure).

Hiking, walking, climbing is so natural for us. As human beings we used to be nomadic, move from place to place. Although we don’t need to look for bush foods or hunt animals to survive anymore, we still have this instinct, which connects us to Nature.

Life is a Journey itself. Better to enjoy the ride rather than live through quickly, without paying attention to moments, people, almost waiting to the life to end. Right? We all experience ups and downs, as we also do during travels and adventures. I feel like being a nomad teaches you about the world and yourself in fast pace. It’s a school of living. Being exposed to discomfort and new environment, situations without our automatic reaction, stimulates us to use the brain, create new neuropathways and expand comfort zone. In Nature we are fully stimulated, not by our mobiles and technology, but by natural environment, with all our senses: vision, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. Touch of sun rays on our skin, stepping on rocky terrain, feeling wind in your hair, noticing the scent of plants and sound of birds singing harmoniously…

Without stimulation we slide down, what we do loses meaning and we get stagnant.

Immersing in flow activity soothes the nervous system, signaling it to rest and digest. Magnificent mountains make us feel insignificant and humble, keeping our human ego on a leash, encouraging to coexist rather than compete. We appreciate and send signal to the brain that we are safe and content. We move up to the higher vibrations (Hawkins’ scale of vibrations) starting from courage (to leave our warm bed), through willingness to discover, to acceptance of hard times and state of Love, Joy and Peace.

Nature has always been there; before our species. Being a part of it just feels special as well as ordinary. Spending time outdoors, we get to know Mother Earth, respect it and become one, which simply feels right.

The best things in life are free. Isn’t it looking at stunning view from a mountain summit? Swimming in fresh water lake surrounded by trees? Having a long beach walk admiring sunset colours? Waking up early, experiencing silence and stillness, grace of rising sun? Travelling with friends, having quality time to tell each other deep stories? Sitting around the bonfire, commune like, gazing at millions of stars shining above?

Hiking is more than just moving in nature. It is a way to let your soul dangle, clear your head and recharge your batteries.


Mountains are silent masters and make silent students. ~ Goethe

~ with passion, Blond Surf